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Hello! I am Jack Sweeney, founder of JDS Strategists Ltd. I wanted to take this opportunity first of all to welcome you to our Strategic Insights™ email – welcome! – I hope you enjoy. Secondly, I wanted to tell you a little more about myself and the creation of JDS.

I had fairly humble beginnings as an Account Executive back in my late teens, a role that quickly revealed for me a love and (thankfully) an aptitude for sales and strategy. Thus launched a fairly rapid career formation and progression across 10+ years where I have had the pleasure to work with many household brands, culminating in a position as Karcher’s Marketing Director.

Wearing my various different ‘hats’ throughout the years allowed me unique insight and as a result I saw and heard of remarkably similar occurrences happening everywhere. It won’t come as a huge shock to anyone that the first of these was an inefficient, if not completely lacking, collaboration between sales and marketing teams. The second was an absence of both strategic ability and agility to create and implement strategy fully.

The more I considered this, the more I started to look at potential external support systems, consultancies, and agencies. It soon became clear to me that there was a scarcity in specific commercial acumen but more importantly there was a distinct lack of regard for responsibility to deliver the whole plan, beginning to end.

And this is where JDS began.

My vision from the very start was to form true strategic partnerships with business owners of up-and-coming consumer durable brands, where we would be fully accountable for:

  • Identifying the right approach.

  • Building a robust strategy, and most importantly . . . 

  • Driving that strategy through to completion.

For me it was imperative that tangible results lay at the heart of all of our endeavours. That is why we have a thorough pre-proposal process that aims to identify at least a 15:1 return on investment with JDS Strategists. Crucially the whole business is structured around performance and results. Our contracts with all clients are heavily weighted towards ‘performance-based-pay’, based on profit growth achieved. And to drive that approach through the business, all JDS colleagues are incentivised on the exact same thing.

Simply put, we do not succeed unless our clients succeed.

Our first 12 months have been nothing short of incredible, a highlight definitely being leading the creation of a brand new online direct-to-consumer channel and 3-year strategy for a premium garden leisure brand. We worked collaboratively across all business functions and external partners and are now projecting a £3,000,000 sales growth in 2021. JDS have been retained to oversee the full implementation and execution of the plan.

Long term? Well, without wishing to go overly cliché, the sky is the limit. We are a team of 4, soon to be 5, focussed and dedicated individuals excited to execute our vision.

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