Consultant? Strategist? Or something new . . .

If you have read our origins story you know when the decision was made to create JDS Strategists we were very clear on what that meant.  The vision was to form true strategic partnerships with business owners of up and coming consumer durable brands that fully encompassed the wants and needs of their overall project.

From the outset we have stayed true to this vision.  Interestingly though it raised the question of how we classify what we actually do.  Traditionally this could potentially be seen as a ‘consultancy’ business.  A consultant is defined as:

“A person who is used to provide expert advice in specific areas”.  In a business setting, a consultant helps in:

  • Constantly aligning business priorities with market needs.

  • Understanding and aligning the buying process with the consumers.

  • Devising measures to create and maintain relationships with customers.

  • Improving the business process for both the producer and consumer.”

We absolutely do all of this at JDS Strategists, but the description only scratches the surface of the full picture and can conjure images of retired professionals in stuffy suits - not JDS at all.  

So what else?  Well it is in our name - Strategists.  A strategist is defined as:

“A person who is tasked with the formulation and implementation of a strategy through setting goals, setting actions to achieve set goals and executing the set plans”. 

In a business setting, strategists:

  • Manage business opportunities and provide resource allocation, sales and profitability forecasts.

  • Draw strategy maps the decision making process through the identification of the stakeholders and business needs.

  • Identify and execute the best competitive strategy that is in line with the business goals and structure.

  • Craft tailored messages and follow up on the impact of the messages.

Yes, yes, yes and yes.  Again all encompassed by our modus operandi, but it in and of itself, not the full story.  That left us in the position of not being able to put an instantly recognisable ‘label’ on what we do - somewhat problematic when launching and growing a brand new business.


So let’s distill this down to something . . . new.  Something . . . unique.  We want to be your Growth Strategy Partner’.  We can and will do ALL of the above.  And we will do it with the same passion and commitment as if it were our own business.  A true partnership where we work together, where we are incentivised on the right things and where we keep that commitment right through until full and complete delivery of the objective. 


If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.  Simple.

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